At TBWA\MARKCOM we start with DISRUPTION® at the core of everything we do. DISRUPTION® is a tool for change and an agent for growth: a working methodology and a life-view philosophy. DISRUPTION® is the art of asking better questions, challenging conventional wisdom and overturning assumptions and prejudices that get in the way of imagining new possibilities and visionary ideas.

DISRUPTION® is not limited to marketing and communications, but can also be applied to deeper levels of an organisation, including products and services or the core business offering. HOW DISRUPTION® WORKS Our approach to DISRUPTION® has three key components.

At the heart of a successful DISRUPTION® is identifying what it is we should disrupt: typically a widely accepted belief that is regarded as such an fundamental part of the way the market works that we never even think about it, let alone think of questioning it.

The DISRUPTION® itself is the radical new idea that speedily overturns the Convention that’s holding us back to help us achieve the Vision.